MLM Portal Package

Our MLM package is highly flexible and can be used for any kind of MLM business & compensation model. Our MLM package is not only light-weight but is also scalable for unlimited memberships. We also offer a comprehensive control panel for the administrator to manage the user information & compensation details.

Customers must create the necessary merchant accounts for online payments and also purchase SSL Certificate from the hosting site. Our team will guide / help the customer to do this, if required. The features of our MLM package are detailed below.

MLM Portal Features

  • Database lookup based on state, city, category, sub-category
  • We can integrate into any design layout
  • Complete database Setup
  • Membership registration at various levels to receive various levels of compensation
  • Product Rates based on membership type
  • Captcha security for spam control
  • Detailed downline report which shows a graphical/tree structure of each agent
  • Effective product / order tracking to identify sales volumes by an agent
  • Uni-level bonus plan & binary placement model & commission
  • Several reports like - order history, sponsored agent report, detailed sales and commission report
  • Daily / weekly cron setups for sales tracking of each agent
  • Real time payment verification from third party payment processors (like Paypal/Authorize.Net)
  • Customizable outgoing email notification
  • Unlimited members
  • Powerful commission tracking
  • Detailed downline genealogy report (available separately for each downline)
  • Self replicating page for each member (virtual website for each agent)
  • Advanced downline search capabilities
  • Cron setup for recurring purchases
  • Membership renewal option
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Advanced shopping cart

CMS Features

  • Admin can add / edit / delete agents
  • Admin can add/edit/delete products / product details
  • Admin can handle product inventory
  • Admin can view all commission reports
  • Admin will have access to Point-Of Sale (POS) system, where he can order on-behalf of an agent / customer
  • Admin can view / edit / delete orders
  • Admin can print invoices
  • Admin can add/update/remove store credit to each user
  • Admin can export user info & commission data

Why MLM Package, when one can develop afresh?

MLM Package can offer the following:

  • Reduce time & cost
  • It is completely tested.
  • Avoid unnecessary iterations to identify functionalities

What if my MLM requirements do not directly map to the package features listed above?

We request you to talk to our team of experts to discuss your specific requirements. We will be able to provide you a quote, on priority, and take the discussion forward.

Post Sales support

We provide free support for (the first) one month. Any minor customizations, changes will be done during the free support period. If you need more support and periodic enhancements, we recommend the customer to get into a maintenance contract.