Web 3.0

1. The Web Platform

While the Web 2.0 showed the world that the world-wide-web can serve as an operating system,Web 3.0 is well connected, open and intelligent with semantic Web technologies,distributed databases and allows building new products and services by bringing desktop capabilities to the web & mobile; therefore enhancing the user-experience intutively.

2. Rich User Experience and Usability

Simple layout, don't-make-me-think navigation, bright titles and big fonts are what distinguishes Web 3.0 design style and let developers improve the look and feel of websites and the user interfaces. In addition, the use of Bootstrap designs, makes it possible to create rich-client internet applications (RIAs) that are both more intutive and more productive than traditional web applications. Web 3.0 design helps the end-users to reach out to the information they need through the mobile phones providing convenient information access.

3. Architecture that Participates

Many popular Web 3.0 projects confirm the fact that the simplest yet the most brilliant way to make your customers as the evangelists of your products, is to let them participate in its creation and development. The web becomes their stage.

Participation, which lies at the core of YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook and many other successful Web 3.0 websites, enables them to not only get millions of visitors daily, but also to put to good use what is called collective intelligence effect, developing a priceless pool of valuable data generated by users themselves.

4. Beta for ever!

Web 3.0 is about services that are always on and at the same time are being constantly refined and improved. Updates, therefore, can be delivered monthly, weekly or even daily without interrupting web system operation. In what can be called the perpetual beta model the users are co-developers and real-world testers of applications, since software vendors now can gather their feedback and thus produce the service which always meets customers contemporary needs and preferences.

Web 3.0 Development

Experience gained over years enables Impelect to help you meet the new e-age requirements delivering:

  • Software as a Service Applications
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Composite Applications
  • Enterprise Mash-ups
  • Next-generation Portals
  • Implementation, Support and On-going Support
  • Based on the architecture developed during the assessment stage, Impelect delivers solutions with comprehensive business logic, efficient performance, business and technical scalability. Contact Us to help take your business to the next 2.0 level and thus benefit from the latest trends in web development.